DSP:NGL Demand -Side Platform

A one-stop advertising platform that helps advertisers and demand partners optimize target traffic and achieve their business goals.


NGL MEDIA CO., LIMITED DSP Inventory helps you discover the optimal traffic to meet your marketing goals.


Technologies identify whitelisting and blacklisting of specific apps, as well as advanced targeting options provided by ad format, type,date, country and more.

Full control

Specific technical settings enpower only relevant traffic for specific campaigns will be received.

Specify Target

Use the valuable targeting parameters available in the app to attract your ideal audience. Get the highest value impressions by specifying the exact amount of traffic you want to deliver to the target traffic. NGL MEDIA CO., LIMITED DSP makes precise positioning easy.

Data Analysis Report

NGL MEDIA CO., LIMITED DSP provides powerful data visualization solution. The analytics provided in our reports allow demand partners to gain unprecedented control when optimizing demand traffic, thereby maximizing mobile advertising spending and guaranteeing marketing campaigns promoting.

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Optimize target traffic and achieveyour business goals with A one-stop advertising platform

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