The Different Preferences Of Players In Indonesia, Vietnam, And The Middle East

Posted on 2020-09-24 17:48:20

Looking at the different preferences of players in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Middle East from pan-entertainment products.

Due to the similar geography and culture and the demographic dividend period, Southeast Asia has always been one of the emerging markets that Chinese mobile game manufacturers value most. According to data, in Q2 2020, the total revenue of the App Store and Google Play in the Southeast Asian mobile game market exceeded US$600 million, which is twice than that of Latin America and the Middle East, and remains the world's highest-income emerging market.
Since the outbreak of the covid19 epidemic, users in Southeast Asia have increasingly demands on games and pan-entertainment content applications.
Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Middle East have certain demographic dividends and advantages in going overseas, and they are gradually improving in third-party payment and network configuration. Especially in the Middle East market, the Internet speed is at the world's leading level. Vietnam’s Internet speed is also relatively fast in Southeast Asia.
Indonesia: Clear novice guidance can increase retention by 10%
Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a population of close to 300 million and most of the Chinese population. The demographic structure of Indonesia is relatively young, it is heavily influenced by Chinese culture, and its acceptance of Chinese games is also high. The overall strength of Indonesian local game developers is relatively weak, accounting for only 0.4% of the market share. Therefore, the Indonesian game market is extremely dependent on overseas manufacturers. The Indonesian Google Play best-seller lists mainly include RPG, strategy, chess and cards.
When publishing games in Indonesia, you need to pay attention to providing users with clear novice guidance, which can increase the game by 10% + retention.
Indonesia's purchase cost is lower. It is also a country that has no resistance to gameplay creatives, which means it is easier to buy in Indonesia by placing materials that clearly show gameplay.
Vietnam: Confrontational games are more popular
The total population of Vietnam is approximately 97 million, with a mobile phone penetration rate of 97% and a smartphone penetration rate of 72%. Vietnamese users will like to check the app store’s ratings. Whether the rating is good or not will directly affect the number of downloads. The influence of word-of-mouth advertising and referrals among friends is also very large. Vietnamese users prefer high-saturation art styles such as red and purple.
The content of the mobile game market purchase report of Vietnam's advertising and payment platform Appota in 2019 shows that in 2019, the CPI on the Android side in Vietnam was only US$0.10, the CPI on the iOS side was US$0.25, the CPI on the Android side in Indonesia was only US$0.12, and the CPI on the iOS side was US$0.33. .
Vietnamese players like strong adversarial games very much. This is also reflected in ultra-casual games. io games with fierce confrontation, fighting, and killing are very popular in the Vietnamese market. For medium to heavy mobile games, the Three Kingdoms and martial arts themed games are very popular. In addition, Vietnamese players are more keen on playing cards and MMORPG.
In addition, there are three pain points for publishing games in the Vietnamese market. The first is that the government’s version number policy is tightened, and games without a version number cannot be legally put on the shelves; the second is that the third-party payment in Vietnam is much higher than that of Apple and Google Play. Channel income, but without a version number, is impossible to access low-rate, legal and safe third-party payment; the third is that there is a certain risk of cooperating with local publishers in Vietnam to pay back.
Middle East: local board games are more popular
There are 22 countries in the Middle East with a population of nearly 400 million, of which 60 to 80% are under 30 years old. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are the three largest markets in the Middle East. The languages are relatively unified. Turkey and Saudi Arabia can use their official languages Turkish and Arabic. The UAE can choose between Arabic and English, unlike India. More than twenty major languages. The Middle East has a high per capita income and high penetration of social software, but localization, user acquisition, and religion are three difficulties that need to be overcome.
The performance of board games in the Middle East is better, especially board games with local gameplay, such as Baloot, Okey, Ludo, Rummy, etc. In addition, SLG and games with PVP gameplay are also very popular among Middle Eastern users.
As far as creatives are concerned, ads with social elements will attract more attention in the Middle East. "If there are two people in the lower right corner of the video playing the game with their phones, it will be more attractive to Middle Eastern players. In addition, war-related materials will also attract The eyes of players in the Middle East."
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