How Are Measurability and Ad Viewability Related?

Posted on 2020-10-21 08:51:56

Measurability and ad viewability are  both part of a much bigger picture of your impressions. If you have the total number of impressions served, you can also calculate which of them were eligible, or successfully communicated with the ad server. From there you can narrow it down even further to show which impressions can actually be measured and which were certified as viewable. This gives you a complete and granular idea of your ad performance.
According to Google, the average video ad viewability is 68% across websites and apps. It’s only 50% for display ads.
It’s important to note that this also differs between country and region. In APAC you can see both the high and low ends of the spectrum, with Japan showing 59% for video and 42% for display and Thailand showing 81% video and 62% display. Every other country in the world falls somewhere between those two. On top of all that, categories like games, internet, and music, have the highest viewability rates.
Nine metrics enable you track Viewability
Tracking Viewability
Ad viewability is a hot topic for forward-thinking publishers. Nine metrics give you the ability to track it:

  1. Measurable Impressions: The number of times an ad appeared on websites or apps in locations that could be measured by technology.
  2. Measurability (Measurable Rate): A ratio between measurable impressions and the total number of ad impressions. It shows how often an ad appeared in places that were able to be measured.
  3. Unfilled Impressions: The number of impressions that haven’t been filled by the ad server. An alternative view is “Unfilled Impressions Percentage.”
  4. Views Fill: This can be calculated by Ad Completions divided by Ad Requests. Think of it as the fill rate of video ads.
  5. Ad Completion Rate: The percent of video ads that have been 100% completed by a viewer. Some ad networks also provide the different percentages of completion, so you may want to take a peek at what your partners provide. Try rewarded video ads if you want to give your users a little incentive to watch!
  6. Page RPM: The revenue per thousand impressions based on a specific page.
  7. Impressions Per Page View: The number of impressions displayed on each page of your site.
  8. UA CPM: If you are investing in advertising, you want to track the CPM you are paying to acquire new users. This can be calculated as Total UA Spent divided by UA Impressions.
  9. Viewable CPM: This can be calculated as Total Revenue divided by Viewable Impressions. It is the total CPM that you are being paid for viewable ads in your ad inventory.

With the ad tech ecosystem calling for more transparency, publishers that optimize for ad viewability help improve results for advertisers and drive more ad revenue for themselves.
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